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Border War Takes on New Meaning in Kansas

The Kansas House has made a significant move, passing Bill HB 2001 by a wide margin. This decision could potentially reshape the sports landscape in the region.

A significant development in the border war between Jackson County in Missouri and Wyandotte County in Kansas has potentially influenced the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals’ decision to move to Oz. This move could have far-reaching implications for the sports industry in the region.

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The STAR BOND measure was approved in a vote that ended 84-38 in the Kansas Legislature this afternoon. Now that the House has done its job, the Kansas Senate, which is in session as of 4:00 PM CST, can pave the final road for Wyandotte County to make formal offers to the Chiefs and Royals by the end of June or sooner.

Though the Kansas Governor has downplayed the timing of the STAR BOND vote, she has also accepted the bill’s language and will not Veto it should the Senate pass the measure. If the Senate passes the measure this afternoon, formal offers will be made to the Kansas City, Missouri, sports team to consider relocation.

Amidst the uncertainty and Jackson County’s questionable handling of the situation, the Chiefs and Royals are virtually on the clock. They may have to decide sooner than anticipated to accept the Kansas offer and break their current leases.

Frank White and Mayor Quentin Lucas’s response has been poorly worded, reflecting the gravity of the situation to appease any expressions of concern.

In a prepared statement following the vote, Frank White pleaded, “I urge all stakeholders to honor the spirit of the 2019 truce and refrain from engaging in a counterproductive stadium bidding war.”

Social media wars won’t resolve the issues that could push the Chiefs and Royals down I-70 into Kansas 10 miles west. Lucas and White have hoped to get something down to retain the sports franchises, but it does not appear either the Royals or Chiefs view it the same way. Still, if this goes to the Senate this afternoon, the Governor will sign off on the measure and begin immediate negotiations.

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Kansas has been waiting decades to get one or both sports franchises, and today, they struck with precision, conviction, and determination. The fact that this bill was shown to House members yesterday and won by a wide margin Tuesday tells me the Senate will do the same.

The Chiefs have been part of the process, and the Royals, who were not initially mentioned when the vote was announced weeks ago, found out they would be included. Now they know that if it clears the next two branches of government, STAR BONDS can be used to pay upwards of Seventy Percent (70%) of the stadium costs.

That doesn’t mean John Sherman will move to Wyandotte County with an invite. I’m told Johnson County remains another option for the Royals. Johnson County has more financial resources now, but if I were the Royals, I’d park my new stadium at 119th and Nall across from Town Center on the east side of the T-Mobile campus.

Ahead, Jackson County braces for a Senate Vote and Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s signature before the full meltdown becomes apparent.

Then, all sides can negotiate, and Kansas will make its financial case to the Chiefs and then the Royals to consider the move. Many political hurdles must be cleared. Plus, as we saw with the stadium vote in Jackson County, some will oppose the idea.

The good news is that there is plenty of land at the Legends, so if the Chiefs and Royals jump across the state line, they can choose from multiple locations.

For the purists, this is a sad day for those who love the Truman Sports Complex, but as with all good things, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

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