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Tom Brady is a Quick Lerner Doubting Chiefs

If you want to grab headlines on NFL social media platforms, attack the Kansas City Chiefs. Your comments will go viral quickly, and the Chiefs Kingdom will be quick to defend the game’s best football team.

For Kansas City Chiefs fans, they understand the single mantra of their back-to-back champion football team; either win Super Bowl LIX, or the season is a complete bust. On Monday, the GOAT, Tom Brady, told Fox Sports Host Colin Coward that it’s unlikely Kansas City can three-peat.

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To his credit, the #1 Fox Sports Analyst made great points, signaling that winning one is hard enough. The fact that Kansas City won two is impressive, but doing it three times in a row has never happened before, and Brady doesn’t perceive a happy ending for the Chiefs in New Orleans.

Again, Brady isn’t wrong to believe the nearly impossible goal the Chiefs have set for themselves this season. Further, as difficult as it was last season to win their second consecutive Super Bowl with arguably their worst offensive team in the Mahomes era, can we really argue Brady’s point?

Of course, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid will have something to say about their chances, but before they even get ahead with the Three-Peat chatter, the path ahead won’t be easy.

The NFL schedule makers understand the Chiefs are a cash cow in terms of TV ratings and the attention Taylor Swift and her Swifties have brought to Kansas City and the league. This season, the Chiefs will appear in five primetime games and two streaming-only games.

They will be prominently featured in six of seven days of the week this season.

If you use the quirky schedule as the basis for Brady’s comments doubting the Chiefs’ ability to win this year’s Super Bowl, that’s a pretty good argument as well.

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Brady will be entering year one as an analyst for Fox Sports, and after his roast, he will do about everything he can to shift the narrative. There’s no better way to do that than doubt the Chiefs’ chances to make NFL history.

For the record, I’m a huge Tom Brady supporter. What he did on the football field was unequaled. Yes, Mahomes has a chance to break his record of seven Lombardi Trophies, but that won’t be easy. With every AFC team gunning for the Chiefs, Kansas City’s path to winning this season will be their toughest challenge yet.

However, the hardest leg of this potential trifecta happened in Las Vegas in February. Kansas City dispatched every team in its way to win Super Bowl LVII, and I argue that winning two in a row is much harder than three.

In my view, the Chiefs are playing with house money and also a better roster than they had a year ago. We’ll have plenty of time to consider the upgrades this team made in the off-season through free agency and the NFL draft.

Brady has always been a thorn in the side of the Chiefs, and the fact as a broadcaster, he keeps poking the bear; he’ll learn, like everyone else in New Orleans, the sight of Super Bowl LIX, doubting the Chiefs is futile!

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