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Chiefs Draft Prospect Series – Jordan Morgan

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If there was an area in free agency that the Chiefs failed to hit, it was the offensive line. Could they take a Tackle prospect in the first round? It’s an area of need, and Arizona lineman Jordan Morgan would make a solid choice for Kansas City.

The 6’5, 311 lb. lineman reportedly has Kansas City’s interest. Whether it’s because they aren’t retaining Donovan Smith or because they feel they haven’t found their long-term answer at left tackle, they attended his pro day.

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Jordan is fluid and flexible in space and can help spring running plays with second-level blocks. He often has trouble securing back-side cutoffs, but that could be fixed. He needs some work on improving his balance and consistency against athletic rushers.

Jordan has this to say about what he brings to the NFL:

“The things that separate me are my athletic abilities,” Morgan said. “The way I move, the way I bend, my footwork I think will separate me.”

Morgan is willing to play in different positions on the line and has, at times, played on the right, but he believes in his ability to play the left.

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“You’ve got to be able to bounce around and move where you can,” he said.

That’s something the Chiefs certainly like in a prospect. In 2023, Morgan allowed just 14 pressures, two sacks, one QB hit, and 11 hurries for the Wildcats. The Chiefs reportedly will jump at the chance to draft him if he falls in the right spot in the draft.

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  • Athletic in his lower half, he can redirect his weight in space.
  • Runs his hips under his hands on drive blocks and kick-outs.
  • Grip strength allows him to stay connected to run blocks longer.
  • Well-timed combo blocks feature patience and pop.
  • An effective jump-set helps eliminate rush plans and stall take-offs.
  • Excellent feel for the depth of the pocket.
  • Slide quickness to catch inside counters.
  • Can flip loose hips to aid in recovery when beaten.


  • Long-armed defensive ends stab and separate from him against the run.
  • Below-average landmarks see him beaten across his face on cutoff blocks.
  • He needs to fire his hands with greater assertiveness and reset when necessary.
  • Inconsistent balance and body control through contact.
  • Tendency to stall feet during punch contact when opening side door.
  • Allows weight to creep too far outside in pass slides.

According to an area scout according to NFL.com:

“He was a little more consistent (in 2023), but I thought the second half of the USC game last year was the best football he’s played over the last two seasons.” – NFC area scout

Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs take him before they take a receiver if he falls in the right spot.

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