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What’s Next for the Chiefs in Free Agency?

Today marks one week since NFL Free Agency began. The Kansas City Chiefs have retained most of their defensive core and added a pair of offensive gems for Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Now that the money is gone, most players must decide whether to wait for a more significant coin or chase the ring.

Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach sits high in the NFL’s catbird seat.  He has the best football team, quarterback, and head coach. He also knows that, with some cap limitations, he can’t throw big money around like the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, or the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead, he must balance today’s and tomorrow’s cap to maintain financial balance.

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As the Chiefs attempt to become the first Three-Peat Super Bowl Champion in history, Veach doesn’t panic during the first week of free agency. Yes, fans were all over him this past week until he signed Wide Receiver Hollywood Brown to a team-friendly deal.

Other teams have ignored the future to catch the Chiefs, but the problem in that pursuit is that they don’t have Patrick Mahomes as their quarterback.

Last season, the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles went all in during free agency. They made moves to win now and are paying the price by cutting key players and re-working contracts to keep a level roster.

Yet, in sacrificing the future as those teams did, 2024 is essentially a rebuilding year with no guarantees they can return to the postseason.

Every year in Kansas City, they rebuild, but thanks to how Veach operates, they understand what it takes to maintain a championship club. It’s a tightrope that many teams fail to find consistency. Yet, Veach has figured it out and has run circles around his counterparts in the NFL.

If he can somehow retain Cornerback L’Jarius Sneed and thwart the Indianapolis Colts from obtaining the game’s best shutdown cornerback, the offseason would be a complete success.

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Still, week two represents a lane of success in which Veach thrives. With all the money spent, teams can pitch prospective free agents to come to play for the Chiefs on team-friendly deals to win a Super Bowl.

So, who are some of the names the Chiefs could attract this week?

Wide Receiver: Four names come to mind; Mike Williams, Hunter Renfrow, OBJ, and Quez Watkins. Williams is visiting three teams this week, not named the Chiefs. Renfrow is weighing options to play with the Saints or perhaps the Chiefs. OBJ has made it clear he’d sign a deal with Kansas City. Watkins has drawn interest from many teams, but the Chiefs appear likely to bring him in for a visit this week.

Left Tackle: This list is relatively short because the only tackle I’ve heard the Chiefs have shown interest in potentially signing is Houston Texans’ backup left tackle, Josh Jones. Like Watkins, he could visit the Chiefs early this week. He’s an intriguing prospect, and as Laremy Tunsil’s backup, he could solve the Chiefs’ left tackle problem.

Running Back: I’m in the minority on this, but I think the Ravens’ JK Dobbins, if healthy, and that’s a very big if hovering over this enormously talented running back; he’s worth a one-year deal. I’m not sold on Isiah Pacheco until I see more flexibility in lane running decisions and cut-back awareness. Dobbins has that ability, and I think they’d make an excellent 1-2 running back combo.

Quarterback: The Chiefs don’t have a backup quarterback with NFL experience. During the Mahomes era, Head Coach Andy Reid has always had a respected veteran to back up his generational quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is the most experienced, but I maintain the Chiefs should trade for Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. Now, it would be a late 2025 or 2026 7th-round pick, but under Mahomes and Reid, they could resurrect his career.

Whatever happens this week, the Kansas City Chiefs are still the favorite to win Super Bowl LIX. Veach knows it, and the teams chasing them know it as well. If Veach has a good week and adds more weapons for Mahomes, the panic will set in and force teams to make even bolder moves to catch the Chiefs.

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