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The Road to Super Bowl LVIII Begins Now for Mahomes

On Saturday Night, the Kansas City Chiefs open the postseason with a wild-card showdown against the Miami Dolphins. It’ll be the Dolphins first road playoff game in Kansas City since their Christmas Day overtime win back in 1971. This game is the first of three roadblocks for the Chiefs to return to the Super Bowl.

Any Kansas City Chiefs fan will tell you about the struggles of the regular season. We’ve never seen Patrick Mahomes this out of sync. Further, we’ve never witnessed his outbursts outside the locker room.  He’s never been in this position before. So, what’s next?

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Mahomes is built for one reason: to win Super Bowls. For the first time in his career, he enters the Wild Card round as the third seed in the AFC. That means one home game, and that’s it unless the top two seeds lose before facing the Chiefs.

Is that a bad thing?

Honest, it helps Kansas City.

Should they get past the Miami Dolphins on Saturday Night, they can go on the road and be the spoiler as they chase their dynasty. If Mahomes wins the AFC on the road with these receivers and tackles, he will become the GOAT!

Yet, people are betting against him. Even Chiefs fans doubt he can pull off that miracle to take this team to the Super Bowl. However, Kansas City enters the postseason with the second-best defense in the AFC next to the Baltimore Ravens.

For Mahomes, he’s never had a defense this good, but according to those predicting the outcome of the postseason, many feel both Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are better quarterbacks than Mahomes. They might be right.

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Yet, the Bills under Allen have never made it to the Super Bowl, and in each of the last three playoff appearances, they’ve laid an egg.  The Ravens, with Jackson, have a singular playoff win. Despite being the likely MVP again this season, nobody knows what to expect from one of the best regular-season quarterbacks in the NFL.

So that circles back to Mahomes. His postseason resume is second to none in the last five years, highlighted by a pair of Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl MVPs, and NFL MVPs, and five straight AFC Championship games at home. Allen and Jackson are good, but they’ll never have Mahomes’ success.

The measuring stick for elite quarterbacks is playoff and Super Bowl wins, not division titles, which define success. Yes, the Bills have won the AFC East four years in a row. The Chiefs won the AFC West for the eighth straight season, but the Ravens haven’t won their division since 2019. Still, they are the prohibitive favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

I get it every dog has their day, but with Mahomes standing in the way, do the Ravens want to see Kansas City in the AFC Title game? I’d have to say no. Are the Bills wishing for a home game against Mahomes? After all, in the last five years of this rivalry, neither the Bills nor the Chiefs have defeated one another twice in the same season.

Now, if I’m going to be honest in my words, I have doubts Mahomes can create enough magic to suddenly cure the drops and penalties that have plagued this football team for seventeen games this year.

Yet, I didn’t think he could win three games in the playoffs last year with a bad ankle, defeating three of the best defenses in the NFL last season. He carried this team on his back and one leg to win his second Super Bowl, so I’m confident he can do it again with two healthy legs.

So, before the national media writes off the Chiefs and ends their dynasty chatter, which already is well in hand, Mahomes will have something to say about it.

That narrative begins Saturday Night against the struggling Dolphins.

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