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Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes Have Every Right to Complain About Officiating

Waking up Monday morning knowing the Kansas City Chiefs found a new way to lose a football game, reading all the press clippings about their 20-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, and listening to Head Coach Andy Reid and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes tee off on officials, I came to a single conclusion, good for them.

Sitting at 8-5 on the season, the Kansas City Chiefs have struggled offensively to find any identity that works. They’ve continued to self-destruct, and on Sunday, the Kadarius Toney penalty deflated the organization to a new low this season, but it also created an ire of frustration with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes that spilled over for all to witness.

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The loss doesn’t bother me as much as how the losses have mounted this season. Dropped passes, penalties, play calling, and some horrific officiating have each contributed to their five-loss season to date.

Bottom line the Chiefs, despite a top five defense, have zero margin for error when it comes to the offense. Because they don’t score enough points, they need to convert nearly every red zone situation into touchdowns to win games.

Entering the year, we knew two things were certain: the receiving group would be a work in progress, and with two new starting tackles that have grown to throw with the addition of Wanya Morris, this offense had challenges to overcome.

The fact they keep shooting themselves in the foot with dropped passes and penalties only amplifies the officiating aggravation for the coaches, players, and fans. Further, the officiating is so bad across the NFL that we continue to see bad calls or missed calls, determining the outcome of some games.

Listen it’s it not just the Chiefs who feel that sting, it happens every Sunday in every game, and the NFL refuses to do anything about it.  So, why is it not okay for Reid and Mahomes to publicly air their grievance?

On the sidelines, Mahomes, after throwing his helmet to the ground, had to be restrained by his teammates from the official who called the Toney offsides. Yes, he was offside there is no dispute about that, but it’s something that is rarely called.  Still, that’s NOT why the Chiefs lost this football game.

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Their dysfunctionality on offense is the reason they’re losing football games. However, the officiating gaffes on Sunday and a week earlier in Green Bay did affect their chances to win each game.

Mahomes made that very clear after the Bills loss. He wasn’t necessarily upset about the call itself or the fact Bills linebacker Von Miller was blatantly offsides on the next snap after the Toney penalty, but stressed that if it doesn’t affect the play, then why throw the flag?

Unfortunately, the commonsense take was accurate, but that’s not how the NFL creates rules for their officiating crew. What is a problem is the fact the league has given officials a wide birth to interpret what is or what is not a penalty.

Reid said after the call it was a bad look for the NFL. I think what he meant to say wasn’t about the play, but after two weeks of inept officiating that went against the Chiefs in key times in back-to-back losses, it finally boiled over.

To this point, neither Reid nor Mahomes has said much about the officiating this season. However, they are not alone. Cleveland Browns defender Myles Garret basically told the media on Sunday they stink, and this was after a win.

What I do find fascinating is the fact so many social media experts, trolls, and those seeking 15 minutes of fame are bashing Reid and Mahomes for being poor sports. These two men have changed the game of football and the rules in which the game is played, so are they not allowed to complain?

Listen I hate the fact the Chiefs lost Sunday, and in Kansas City we have higher expectations for our team than other NFL cities. We are also spoiled by their success in the last five seasons, so a fall from grace is not unexpected. Yet, when it happens, it’s still shocking.

I’m not going to sugarcoat my take this morning. The Chiefs are not getting the top seed this year. Further, if they win the wild card round, it’s likely they’ll go on the road in the playoffs. Honestly, I’d like to see it since Mahomes has never played on enemy soil in the postseason.

Now do I bet against Mahomes in the playoffs? I’m not sure I do.

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