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Jordan Love Had All the Answers in Packers Win

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs were a heavy favorite against Green Bay. However, a slow start offensively, a defense that could not get off the field, bad officiating, and an uncharacteristic disqualification led to a disappointing 27-19 loss to the Packers.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ red zone struggled again. The defense couldn’t stop the run or get pressure on Green Packers Quarterback Jordan Love, who was brilliant Sunday Night, leading to another bitter loss on the road to the Super Bowl.

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Yes, it was a poorly officiating game, and the pass interference on Marquez Valdez-Scantling wasn’t called. If you want to push that narrative further, on the final throw of the game, Travis Kelce was pushed in the back in the end zone. All these items contributed to the loss, but this falls on Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these two men are not on the same page. Reid’s personnel configurations, play calling, and rotating so many receivers from snap to snap, Mahomes can’t get into a groove. Nor can the receivers. Why was Rashee Rice sitting on the sidelines in the red zone?

Now, contributing to the loss were the injuries to Drew Tranquill, who had a concussion, and Bryan Cook, who might be done for the year with an ankle injury. This defense didn’t show as much fight or fire as we’ve seen in their resurgent season.

It’s hard to put a finger on why this offense struggles to get out of the gate.  Do they not understand the offense? Do they not work hard enough in practice? Or is it simply a matter of talent?

The bottom line is that Andy Reid is stuck with the players on the roster, and it’s his responsibility to get his team ready to play every Sunday. My biggest fear was that Mahomes was being pushed to his limit to save the offense.  That’s something that can’t continue.

With so many close calls and missed penalties, Mahomes continues to blame himself for the failures on those snaps. However, even though Reid also takes the blame, there is a disconnect on offense that might not be fixed this season.

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Even if they sign Tight End Zack Ertz in the next 48 hours, that’s not going to be enough to turn around the confidence of his offense. Asking Mahomes to create magic on every drive and to play with receivers that are not in sync might be a tall order, even for his talents.

With this loss, the Chiefs are now the #4 seed in the AFC, and even though they have tiebreakers over the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Baltimore Ravens, it’s an uphill battle to get the top seed.

We must assume the Chiefs will win their final five games.  On Sunday, they’ll face the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead, who are desperate and coming off a bitter loss. That’s a dangerous proposition for the Chiefs, Reid and Mahomes.

If Mahomes comes out flat offensively, and Josh Allen plays like he did against the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City will lose their third game at Arrowhead this season.

Regardless, this team must regroup, and if somehow Mahomes can lead this team down the stretch despite roster challenges, perhaps he will be the greatest of all time.

Yet, for one game at least, Jordan Love was the better quarterback and had the better offensive personnel on the field.

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