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NFL Insider Aaron Wilson – Around the AFC

On the latest Four Guys In A Bar Chiefs Blitz Podcast, Nick Athan, and Aaron Wilson One-on-one around the AFC. Chiefs Blitz covers the Kansas City Chiefs like no one else, with our panel of insiders and experts.

Stay tuned to the ChiefsBlitz.com for all your Chiefs news!

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Your Hosts: Nick Athan: https://twitter.com/ChiefsInsider

Lou Montagna: https://twitter.com/LouMontagna

Andre Tillman: https://twitter.com/andre_tillman

Hense Todd: https://twitter.com/BowTieSports_18

Slam it here for more Chiefs coverage: http://chiefsblitz.com

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Chiefs Blitz Live Stream Podcast Schedule (All Times CST)

Wednesday – Four Guys In A Bar – 12:00 Noon

Thursday – Former Chiefs WR Eddie Kennison – 6:00 PM

Friday -Chiefs Packers SNF Preview – 12:00 Noon

Monday – Chiefs Packers Review – 12:00 Noon

Tuesday – NFL Insider Aaron Wilson – 6:00 PM

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