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Ole Ole Ole Ole Travey Ole Ole

It’s taken a couple of days to digest the internet blow-up from Saturday night surrounding Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce, and his girlfriend, the one and only, Taylor Swift. The Internet nearly broke with all the posts from the concert in Buenos Aries that ended up as the perfect recipe for the Chiefs Bye Week blues.

If there’s a man on planet Earth flying higher than Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce, I’d be hard-pressed to find one. Even though Kelce was in Buenos Aries for just two days, the internet broke with news the couple were together, and he was attending her concert. 

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Some didn’t believe Kelce would do it after attending a charity event for Patrick Mahomes Thursday night. Yet, he hopped on a private jet around 11:00 PM CST to see his girlfriend, Taylor Swift rock the stage at her second show in South America.

To do so, he flew a total of 14 hours, arrived Friday morning to find out the concert was canceled, and had the whole day to spend with his girlfriend. The paparazzi were all over them as they had dinner Friday night with Taylor’s Dad, Scott Swift.

As night fell Saturday, the internet went crazy with pictures and videos of the man they called Travey dancing, lip-syncing, and smiling from ear to ear. However, the stadium went crazy when Swift changed the lyrics to her final song of the show, ‘Karma’, just for her beau in the audience!

“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me,” she sang with a slight giggle.

The stadium erupted with approval as Kelce and Scott Swift, who watched the concert together, stood in disbelief. I think Dad knew it was coming, but Travis clearly didn’t. As the lights in the stadium turned red so did Tavis’s face. If the swifties didn’t love him yet, well they do now.

After the show as he walked backstage to greet Swift, fans followed his every move. They sang in unison Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole Travey Ole Ole and he waved back to the crowd. It appears the South American Swifties have a nickname for their King.

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As Taylor left the stage, she ultimately ran into her beau’s waiting arms backstage and kissed him, and those watching knew these two kids were in love.

Why is this a column on Chiefs Blitz?

Well, for those who know me, I generally look at life with a glass half full. Though events around the world aren’t as nice and sweet in some parts, I can only equate what we are witnessing between Kelce and Swift fans, as a culture shift we all needed.

Travis Kelce is more than a Chiefs player. He’s a good person who lives life to the fullest and understands the most important things to him are family and friends. He plays a violent sport but doesn’t take that with him away from the game. He’s a loyal teammate and he works hard to play at the highest level despite his NFL age. He also has a kind heart, and if he didn’t, this romance would not have started in July.

His relationship with Swift has been fun to watch, and if we are all honest with one another, a welcome sight to the Chiefs Kingdom, and an unexpected joy to the Swifties. Even Head Coach, Andy Reid offered his thoughts about the happy couple in his Monday chat with reporters.

“I’m just glad he’s found somebody he likes, and she’s found somebody she likes and that’s a good thing,” Reid said about their relationship.

Who knows where things go from here?

Kelce is focused on winning another Super Bowl ring, and Taylor is just at the starting point for her upcoming world tour that ends December 8th, 2024, in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Don’t worry they should have enough gaps to see each other between now and then.

Regardless, it’s clear love is in the air, and they really don’t feel like hiding their emotions for one another, and I say good for them.

I’m sure on the long plane ride back to Kansas City Travis was still smiling from ear to ear, and probably responding to 1000 text messages surrounding the events of his 48-hour South American stay. Regardless, it is something not many people are going to forget or watch on the internet over and over again.

However, on Monday back at the Chiefs facility, he probably got a locker room full of razzing from his teammates, but I suspect they were happy for him. Still, I would have loved to be a fly on that wall to listen to some of those comments– especially those offered by Chris Jones to Travey.

Then again that might not equal the razzing he’s going to get from his big brother, Jason Kelce, when their ‘New Heights Podcast’ drops Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM.

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