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Not Meant to be for Chiefs Jody Fortson

The NFL is made up of so many superstars that are easy to root for on Sunday afternoons. However, the guys that don’t hit the Mega Millions jackpot are the glue guys that make up a large part of the 53-man roster. For Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Jody Fortson, a fan favorite over the last three years, it appears he’s hit the end of the road with the franchise.

With the news this week that Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Jody Fortson would go on injured reserve for the third straight season, his fortunes appear bleak he’ll play again for the team that gave him two Super Bowl rings.

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Fortson is the type of player you want on an NFL roster. He’s a physically gifted offensive weapon, he works hard, he’s paid his dues, and when healthy, regularly makes plays.  However, he can’t shake the injury bug.

To no fault of his own, Fortson’s latest shoulder injury occurred in training camp, not in a real game. The shoulder could not be saved through intensive physical therapy, instead, Surgery is set, and Fortson’s NFL Dream is on hold.

The question going forward for Fortson was the latest injury a precursor to his playing days either ending in the NFL or with the Chiefs?

It’s far too early to make that call, but the odds are not good for Fortson. Still, the Chiefs have a log jam at Tight End with Travis Kelce, Noah Gray, Blake Bell, and talented riser Matt Bushman, so they can overcome his absence. It’s likely Head Coach, Andy Reid will carry four tight ends on the roster, so it wasn’t a lock Fortson would have made the final roster.

Still, the injury pulls at the gut of the fan base who seem to share a common goal of admiration for Fortson on the field. Further, the fact he has Kelce as his teacher and mentor, certainly adds to the hope he could’ve taken the next step for the Chiefs this season.

From this point forward, Fortson will have a long year, watching his teammates on the sideline and rehabbing his shoulder. He won’t be able to practice, nor be a part of any future celebrations as a contributor. Instead, he’ll be a spectator, and that’s heartbreaking for this young man.

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One can hope he gets another chance with the Chiefs in 2024. Fortson will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. If he can get his shoulder in line and continue the drive to succeed. It’s possible he returns to Kansas City.

If not, he might end up with the Washington Commanders where he could reunite with Offensive Coordinator, Eric Bieniemy.

Camp News:

Wide Receiver Justyn Ross returned to practice on Wednesday. Despite the media narrative and assumption, the injury was nothing and the tests were precautionary.  He made a pair of brilliant plays in practice, and it appears he’ll be just fine heading into the Cardinals game this weekend.

Wide Receiver Nikko Remigio dislocated his shoulder on Tuesday, and he was unavailable for practice today. It’s quite likely the Chiefs will let the healing process play out before roster cuts. It’s doubtful KC will get him on the practice squad, and it’s quite likely he makes the 53-man roster, then if the shoulder is still an issue, can be placed on IR with the designation to return.

Defensive Tackle Chris Jones and the Chiefs continue their stalemate over a contract extension. While some in the organization don’t seem to be worried a deal won’t get done. However, Head Coach Andy Reid seems to be perturbed his All-Pro defender has avoided his rigorous training camp. Ultimately, there is a belief the two sides will get together on a deal before the start of the regular season.

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